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Animal Attendant must strictly follow health and hygiene standards. Which word or phrase has the same meaning as the underlined phrase?
Which word or phrase best starts the following sentence? ……. going to the operating theatre.
Which word or phrase correctly completes the following sentences? The nurses didn't know where to place ........stethoscopes
Which word is spelt correctly?
Which of the following sets of words is in alphabetical order?
Read the paragraph below and answer the following question.

Australian College of Applied Animal Studies commenced training in 2010.

The College delivers three courses in the Animal Care and Management Training package;


  • ACM20217 Certificate II in Horse Care
  • ACM30417 Certificate III in Companion Animal Services
  • ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, to adult learners.


The Horse Care certificate runs for 18 months; where students will aim to gain a range skill when working with horses

The Companion animal course is a general animal care certificate were students may choose to use it as a pathway into another animal related course. This course runs over 12moths

The Veterinary Nursing program runs for 2 years

The Veterinary nursing program at ACAAS is unique. It is the only Veterinary Nursing program where students don’t have to be employed in a Veterinary Hospital & where practical training is provided.

ACAAS has a 100% success rate of students gaining employment within a Veterinary Hospital.

ACAAS’s mission “is to provide the highest quality continuing education to veterinary nurses and support staff, using a combination of resources and innovative learning ideas.

We are committed to creating and maintaining a trusting, and caring environment where training is exciting and relevant to industry and students are assisted as they develop responsibility in the animal care industry”.

According to the ACAAS mission statement, students are assisted:

A word has been left out of the following sentence. Unfortunately, we have had _____________ responses than we were expecting. Which one of the following words best completes the sentence?
You have been given four words that could replace the word in capitals. Choose the word with the closest meaning to the one in capitals. I have DECLINED the invitation to join you tomorrow.
Read the following paragraph and select the best answer

Dave was telling Mike about the sounds he could expect to hear in the bush early the next morning. “First you’ll hear the wattle bird - it sounds like a string of hiccups - that’ll be the one to wake you! It wakes up the other birds too. Then you’ll hear a warbling sound - that’s the magpies, then that’ll start the sparrows chirping.” Mike was looking forward to listening to the bird sounds in the morning. He wondered if Terry and John would be woken by the birds - they were already fast asleep in their sleeping bags. He hoped the morning would be warmer - it was freezing!

The four boys were probably
Choose synonyms (words that mean the same) for the word Wish
Kayla works at a cattery where she is asked to weigh a cat in a pet carrier. The cat and carrier together weigh 4.7kg. The carrier on its own weighs 2.5kg. How much does the cat weigh?
One (1) metre (m) is equal to
If an animal takes 1 (one) breath every 10 seconds, how many breaths will it take in a minute?
If a horse weighs 523kgs and the weight was rounded to the nearest 5kg, what would the rounded weight be?
A Veterinarian has asked you to worm a patient weighing 15kg. The worming tablet you need to give treats 10kg of animal, how many worming tablets will you give?
Sarah runs a mobile grooming business. Mr Chisholm pays for a hydrobath for his dog Chester. The hydrobath cost $27.50 and Mr Chisholm gives Sarah $50.00. How much change should Sarah give Mr Chisolm?
Use the following pie chart and answer. Which is the least popular method of travel to work?
What is 10% of 100?
What is the total number of headpieces Peter sold from January to April?

Peter owns a saddlery. He makes his own Padded bridle headpieces. It cost him $25.00 dollars to make and he sells them for $ 40.00 each. Peter made the following bridle sales:


  • January – 20 headpieces
  • February – 40 headpieces
  • March – 10 headpieces
  • April – 70 headpieces

What is the total number of headpieces Peter sold from January to April?

Convert 772g to kilograms

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