“I am/was a mature age (very!) student at ACAAS in Narre Warren.  I cannot speak highly enough of the course and staff.

The ACAAS course has exceeded my expectations and the experiences I have had while doing practical work have been the best of my life.  I worked on a Standardbred stud farm assisting with foaling as well as handling yearlings and stallions and artificial insemination.  I have worked in 6 different veterinary clinics and also at Healesville Sanctuary animal hospital.  I have now been employed with the South Eastern Equine Hospital so I have actually got to be a “real” vet nurse for emergency surgeries as well as everyday consults and husbandry.  That was pretty exciting the first time as there was no one else there to hold my hand and the vets were counting on me.  I still have a job so I must have done ok!

Liz, Katie, Abby, Melinda and Dehann are all genuinely concerned about their students and the small class sizes mean that you don’t miss out on anything.  They are always accessible and really helpful in terms of keeping up with assignments and organising work placements and assisting with any concerns either in the workplace or personally.  The other students are also great and although I had reservations at first about whether I would “fit” into the class because of my age, it has been fantastic and everyone has been really welcoming and accepting.  It is amazing what you can learn from them too.

Undertaking the course is a bit like life in general, you get out of it what you put in.  If you jump in with both feet, do your best, ask lots of questions, listen to all the advice and instructions, and check anything you aren’t sure of, you will be well rewarded with fantastic experiences and opportunities.  You won’t make a lot of money but vet nurses do it for the love of it, not the money.”