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The Standardbred has a calmer temperament than the Arab and are a versatile breed
An adult female horse is referred to as a:
Hotblooded breeds of horse include:
A stallion is:
The Clydesdale:
A snip is seen on the front of the face between the eyes
White markings on the head and legs are common in what breeds of horse:
Thoroughbreds coat colour are often, Bay, Black, Brown, Chestnut and Grey.
Pinto is a term used for a collection of similar colours that can occur on a wide range of breeds
White markings that extension from the knee to hoof are called?
Thoroughbred horses are:
In horses, generally the most common solid coat colours are:
Facial markings can be describes as:
A band of white hairs around the top of the hoof
A foal born as a male is called a:
There are four (4) types of breeds of horses
A blaze is seen over the whole front of the face.
The four categories of horse breed type refers to:
The Shetland pony can be described as:
Shetland ponies often have coats of more than one colour.

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