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These are the teeth that are used for cutting grass and grazing:
The horse’s teeth should be inspected
Stable vices that affect the health of teeth are:
Additional exercise makes the hoof grow faster because
Diet has a major effect on horses feet
A horse’s feet are routinely trimmed or shod every 4-8 weeks depending on the time of the year:
What is the typical moisture content of the frog of the hoof:
Which of these factors directly contributes to the overall hoof health
The equine digestive  process is  dependent upon healthy population on beneficial bacteria
Ringworm is an ectoparasite
Prevention of endoparasite can include rotation wormers at regular intervals  throughout the year
The most common preventative vaccine in horses includes
A horses' defence against disease may be affected by
Which of the following would be a vaccine, animal or management related reason for  failure of protection  against disease  in a vaccinated horse?
Which of the following is NOT an external parasite
How is strangles spread between horses
The horse has stepped on a nail and its imbedded the foot. You should
The horse has a swollen eye. You should
Hendry virus infection is a notifiable condition. If you notice a sudden onset of illness in the horse or the horse has died suddenly, and you live in an area where there is a population of flying foxes that could come in contact with the horse, and/or the horse has travelled from Queensland or Nth NSW in the past 2-3 weeks you should contact
Signs of dental health problems are:

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