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Problems with small intestine cause malabsorption of protein, fat carbohydrate and some minerals
Microbial digestion occurs in the cecum?
Vitamin A, D, E and K are absorbed in the?
The feed type categories include
Teeth that are in poor condition, particularly those with sharp edges, will reduce the horse’s chewing action.   
An average 450kg horse drinks approximately how many litres of water per day
Identify the grain in the picture below
The large intestine has a capacity of:
The horse’s digestive system has a dual function of both simple and compound stomached animals
Linseed seed if boiled is toxic
Barley is excellent for horses that need to
In the digestion process Hindgut Acidosis when occur in which stage?
Fats increases the energy density of the diet offering approximately how times more energy compare to cereal grain
The caecam performs the same function as which organ in the Sheep and Cow


In the digestive system in the horse, the ingestion process includes:
Balance rations contain a mixture of:
Loss of electrolytes can cause lactic acidosis which causes:
The limit of dry matter consumption is 7.9% of body weight per day
The nutrient requirement for horses includes:
Feed processing types include:

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