To meet the pre-requisite requirements of ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, a prospective student MUST provide evidence that they meet one of the following criteria:

a) hold a Certificate II in Animal Studies
b) hold a relevant Certificate III or higher level qualification in an animal science discipline
c) can demonstrate equivalent skills and knowledge in a relevant animal science discipline to any of the above qualifications.

Prospective students who don’t hold a relevant certificate but have industry experience will be required to complete the Pre-Requisite Assessment process which has been developed for the prospective student to demonstrate the equivalent skills and knowledge relevant for entry into ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. The cost for this program is $500 and has been designed to save the prospective student from paying $1,500 to $4,000 for one of the allowed certificates.

The prospective student will only be eligible to complete this process if they have can provide evidence of industry experience, e.g.volunteering in the industry, working at cattery, kennels, stables, veterinary clinic etc. The prospective student must provide a resume, job description (if supplied by the organisation) and referee/s from the relevant industry work place so ACAAS staff can check and confirm eligibility to commence the Pre-Requisite assessment process.

If the prospective student cannot either supply the above information required or is not deemed competent during the Pre-requisite Assessment process, they will need to – at a minimum – complete the Certificate II in Animals and may then be taken in to the next available intake for the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Australian College of Applied Animal Studies can proudly boast that 100% of our graduating students have employment in a Veterinary Hospital at the time of graduating.

ACM40418 Cetificate IV in Veterinary Nursing


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